Hi! My name is Ashley and this is my life. This is were you truly will see who I am, what I feel, and what I love.

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Running seems like a great idea until you actually start running

Sex seems like a fun idea until your bent over a bar stool in the back if a club your too young for about to be plowed by a tall dark man named Mike

i feel as though we’ve had different experiences

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Four years ago tonight we gathered 75 friends into an abandoned warehouse and filmed the #AnnaSun video. Lovelovelove & Happy Anna-versary!
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Greed: I want shit
Envy: I want your shit
Wrath: I'm going to wreck your shit
Lust: I'm into some freaky shit
Gluttony: This is some tasty shit
Sloth: I don't feel like doing shit
Pride: I am the shit

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like i keep seeing this come across my dash and i cannot reblog it because it will set the bar for cosplay so high
he truly destroyed the game for everyone ever.

Walk into the club like what up I got a big croc.


So today on the bus there was this little boy, he was talking to his mom about how he had a crush on someone in his class. His mom asked him “Oh, what’s her name, honey” and he said “no”. All she said was “Oh, is it a boy then?” with a smile on her face, and then asked what his name was. Then the boy told her to guess and so the conversation went on. This is how a parent should react, all respect to this woman.
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